I have visited your service more than once and each time I have seen people randomly bringing their offering to the altar. This happens before the official offering, during the sermon and even after the sermon. Why do people do this?

The Bible admonishes us to “bring our offering to the altar.” Bishop Ikeh encourages the congregation to follow this mandate as a symbolic expression of their sacrifices to the Lord. Bringing their offerings to the altar allows members to be reminded that the offerings are not for man but for God to use to build His Kingdom and to advance His Will.

Why do the Ministers and Deacons sit in the front row of the congregation?

Bishop Ikeh requests that the front row of seats in the congregation be held by his ministerial team so that when people come to the altar or when there is a special need, they are immediately able to minister to those persons. There are also members of the ministerial team seated throughout the congregation so that people are easily assisted there as well.

Why are there flags of different countries throughout the sanctuary?

Skypoint Christian church strongly feels a passion and a call to minister not only to its members but also to the nations. The flags represent countries all over the world that we desire to impact with the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What does it mean when someone says “Christian Experience by Letter”?

When someone leaves one church to join another church, the protocol is for him or her to bring a letter from the previous church to the new one. This letter informs the new church that the new member was in good standing at the previous church.

I have never been given a program for the flow of service when I have visited SCCOAN. Is there a reason for this?

It is our desire to be completely led of God during our Worship service experience. We have found that when we have a predetermined schedule for service, we are not as free to move when we feel God leading us in a different direction. We do believe in order, but we want to be open to God’s order and not our own.

If I want to volunteer at SCCOAN, why do I have to go through such extensive volunteer training?

Our volunteer training ensures that all volunteers are of one accord. We want to ensure that the volunteers all understand what we as a ministry believe, understand the expectations in serving in ministry and are held to a level of accountability. Our volunteer training, although extensive, is necessary for us to operate in excellence.

I am not familiar with the title of Bishop. What exactly does it mean, and how is it different from Pastor?

The title Bishop means to overseer; it is used several times in the Bible. A Bishop is one who holds a position of authority. Bishop comes from the Greek word episkopos, which is translated as “bishop,” “overseer” and “superintendent.” A Pastor is one who cares for the flock — a shepherd. Jesus refers to us as His sheep. Bishop Ikeh overseers not only this location but also many others. He is the Senior Pastor of Skypoint Christian Church of all nations, Inc., in CAC Nigeria. See scripture references: Heb: 12:14, Acts 20:17-28, Phil 1:1, I Peter 2:25, I Peter 5:1-4 and I Tim. 3:1.

I tried to schedule a meeting with Bishop Ikeh and was unsuccessful. Can you tell me why?

Bishop Ikeh’s heart is such that he desires to be able to be involved with all Sccoan members on a personal basis. He would love to be able to hear every concern, assist with every issue and mentor every member. However, this is not only impossible but also against biblical wisdom (Exodus 18:13-27). Because Bishop Ikeh realizes that God has not called him to carry the load of the ministry by himself, he has surrounded himself with capable men and women to assist him. Therefore, even if the Bishop cannot meet with you personally he will ensure that the leaders assist you in the same heart and manner that he would — and, ultimately, with the anointing that comes from God alone.

What does the SCCOAN Logo represent?

It is the Cross, bible (which represents the power of God and Shield of Faith) and fire(which represents the Holy Spirit).

What is the appropriate attire to wear to SCCOAN?

Come as you are well dressed as a God elect. There is no dress code apart from the church special service

How long has SCCOAN been in existence?

Sccoan celebrated 21years of service Nov 2020.

I am from out of town and would like to visit your church. Should I schedule a tour?

Yes, please contact our Hospitality Director at +.2348054047729 or +2348064465129

What telephone number can I call for additional information about an upcoming conference?

Please call our Conference Line at +2348054047729 or refer to our website.



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