Family “1 On 1”

    FAMILY “1 on 1” is a ministry designed to meet the needs of engaged couples, married couples, and families.  Our unique ministry approach to 21st century families creates a supportive environment for two parent families, single parent families, children being raised by extended family, and even multi-generational (i.e. the sandwich generation) families.  We strive to engage both the adults and children as we facilitate the creation of an intimate, loving, and nurturing home environment.  We will achieve these objectives through six primary components which will enable us to become the “Power of 1.”

    • Intimate Partners Marriage Ministry
    • Parenting with Intimacy
    • Friday Night Love
    • Kingdom Marriage Learning Hour  
    • Couples Mentoring
    • Live 2 Become 1 Premarital Counseling

    Intimate Partners Marriage Ministry (IPMM)is a sixteen-week marriage enrichment encounter for anyone who is seeking to strengthen their marriage.  We provide an atmosphere that promotes intimate discussions and accountability between three to five couples.  The facilitators that lead our groups utilize the model and material provided by The Great Commandment Network.  Intimate Partners has several groups that meet on preselected days at New Birth.  Pre-registration is required at a cost of N20,000= per couple.

    Parenting with Intimacy (PWI) is an eleven-week course designed to foster a nurturing relationship between parents and children.  We realize that there are many forms of family and our ministry seeks to serve families that are led by parents, grandparents, other relatives, foster parents, and other guardians.  We cover information regarding communication, trust, emotional changes, and other areas that impact the home environment.  Parenting with Intimacy occurs once a month at Sccoan.

    Friday Night Love is our monthly activities arm that serves to bring the life, love, and laughter back into our homes and families.  Through interactions and verbal discussions, joy is birthed and relationships strengthened.  At times these events are exclusively for our married and engaged couples (child care is provided on a limited basis) and other times we have events for the entire family.  Please note all events require preregistration and some activities have costs associated with them. However, we strive to keep most things free or at a very minimal cost.  Friday Night Love takes place once a month at various locations both at Sccoan centers and around the city.

    Kingdom Marriage Learning Hour provides an opportunity for couples to learn Godly principles and applications for their marriage through Bible study.  The facilitators for the class follow a curriculum that encourages lively conversation and an exciting exchange of ideas.  Through laughter and tears, prayer and praise, we are able to experience the Presence of God as marriages are strengthened.  Kingdom Marriage Hour takes place every Sunday between services at Sccoan.

    Couples One-on-One Mentoring provides an avenue for married, Sccoan couples to sit down and have face to face conversations with husband and wife teams who have been married a number of years.  We have leaders who have never divorced as well as couples who are blended families.   Well versed in Scriptures as well as the practical, everyday challenges of marriage, our mentoring leaders encourage you through temporary issues and momentary crisis.  This ministry is provided by referral only.

    Live 2 Become 1 Premarital Counseling is a ministry we proved to Sccoan couples and to the community at large.  Utilizing the materials from Prepare and Enrich, we have trained Biblical counselors that walk with engaged couples.  An extensive survey provides the foundation and guide for the eleven-week sessions.  At the conclusion of the sessions the final meeting addresses the strengths of the couple as well as areas that we advise will need additional strengthening.   These meetings are confidential and take place only at Sccoan.  There is a cost for the survey materials and website link.  Registration is required.


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