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The vision

The word Skypoint theological institute is a ministry / leadership training center which serve as the training arms of Skypoint Christian church of all nations. The institute runs periodical six weeks specialized courses termed (power discovery).
The courses are designed to motivate participants positively toward distinction both their secular as well spiritual engagement.
The vision of the institute is in line with the mandate given to Bishop Desmond Evaristus Ikeh on the 9`th of august 1999 when holy spirit said to him, `I will, through this ministry discover the foundation of many to her ministries’.


At Skypoint theological institute, we don’t offer mere secular education; we also provide deep spiritual enlightenment, as well as mental empowerment for exploit. STBII is not just a place of learning; it is actually a place of trans figurative encounter.
In the word of Bishop Desmond EvaristusIkeh in destiny discovery, (ignorance is a mountain) it is light that defines your limit, if you will submit to forces of enlightenment; you will subdue every mountainous issues of your life


BASIC CERTIFICATE. This is the foundation course for those who have never attended any previous STBII program.

LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE.This is leadership development / motivational course, for those who have attended BBC specializeprogram.

LEADERSHIP DIPLOMA COURSE. This is the advanced leadership course, opened to those who have successfully passed through the BBC LCC programs.
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