The objective of the SCCOAN mission’s board includes the following:

    1 –SCCOAN MANDATE : To execute the mandate of the Skypoint Christian church of all nations (sccoan) is planting a church in alllocation and developed cities in the North American Region comprising America, Canada and Neighboring Countries.

    2 – TRAINING AND INFORMATION : To augment the current structure of planting churches in SCCOAN through the provincial pastors and zonal coordinators, by identifying hindrances and challenges in the assignment of planting churches and providing practical solutions to these issues through training workshops and information bulletins.

    3 – UNREACHED/MISSION FIELDS : To identify unreached parts of the region with little or no SCCOAN Church presence and make special arrangements to employ missionaries to plant churches there. 4 – MONITORING To provide; support, guidance and monitoring to budding parishes planted by the mission’s board and develop strategies for church growth and long-term development. 5 – CHURCH PLANTING PROCESS To provide a planned and coordinated process of ensuring that all these objectives are achieved within the relevant laws Skypoint Christian church of all nations (sccoan) of the Nigeria, United States/Canada and the by-laws of the North America, Etc.

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