Rabbit Island – Pristine Beaches and Serenity

Rabbit Island – Pristine Beaches and Serenity

by Ding Yang
Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

Rabbit Island – Pristine Beaches and Serenity

Are you looking for something to do that is a little off the beaten path; and not on the top three list of any traveller’s guidebook?  Look no further than Koh Tunsay (Rabbit Island) – named for its shape from afar looking like a rabbit lying on its side – for a quick getaway. Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

Whether you decide to spend one full day or a couple nights in this tranquil island setting; you will be able to decompress from the stresses of daily life. You will still have phone access to pass the time should reading a book not be your chosen leisure activity. One would be remiss to avoid a hammock in the shade either activity you prefer.

Transportation and accommodations

You can reach Rabbit Island by a short thirty-minute boat ride from the pier in Kep. It is one of the most under the radar places to relax, and enjoy a day in the sun on the water.

The main beach where you are dropped off on Koh Tunsay is a clean sand beach; lacking any trash or pollution on the shoreline. The price of a roundtrip ticket is very affordable (around $20). This price does not change based off of how long you stay on the island.

A peaceful place Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

One has no choice but to feel as if they stepped into a time warp into a place long forgotten by the globalization and modernization of our world. So kick up your feet; and relax as there is no wifi or fancy amenities to cloud your mind. The restaurants are beach shacks with only the basics available.

The remoteness of the island is one of the best features of this up and coming tourist destination. That’s why it wouldn’t be recommended to plan an extended trip here as the small size of the island can easily be fully explored in 2-3 days.  A day trip where you get dropped off on the beach at 9:30 am and returned to the pier at 4:30 pm; is the perfect amount of time for an escape. There are bungalows that can be rented to stay in for around $8 a night with beach views.

There are not a lot of amenities on the island. But you will find two restaurants, with bars that provide plenty of affordable dining and drinking options. For example, you can drink a $2 Pina Colada, eat some classic Khmer food, or basic western fare along with the obligatory fresh seafood; you would expect on an island – what we at Cambodia highly recommend you indulge yourself with.

Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

A sampling of the provisions available on the island

Seafood and fishing!

Did someone mention seafood?  Yes, the island has the freshest seafood catch anywhere! You can go pick the crab you want to be cooked out of the pot a few meters off the beach should you want the freshest possible, and at very affordable prices. Enjoy some delicious seafood from the bay and water it down with coconut or other beverage.

If you want more adventure, one can book a fishing trip excursion or hike through the rain forest section of the island and discover one of the hidden beaches on the back side of the island.  On the contrary, if relaxation is your goal there are massage tents set up all along the beach that will provide a classic Khmer massage in the cool ocean breeze.

Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity

The view across the bow of a boat en-route to Koh Tonsay

The bay has created a sand bar of great length that allows walking on the ocean floor up to 150 meters – depending on your height . Rabbit Island Pristine Beaches and Serenity– before your head will become submerged by the tidal water.  The gradual decline of the ocean floor makes swimming a very memorable experience as there is minimal pull from the current.

So what are you waiting for?  Pack your swimsuit and beach belongings before you take a trip to the store to stock up on snacks and beverages, and head on over to the Tong Dai Ve main page to book your trip today – we are certain that it will be a memorable experience!

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