All around the world, on the Internet, Satellite and Mobile Platforms, many lives have been changed as a result of your partnership commitment in ensuring that the Gospel is preached; we cannot exhaustively enumerate the scope of world changing impact that your partnership with the Internet Multimedia Ministry has made; just to mention a few:

    Increased Viewer ship on Bishop Desmond Ikeh online: The viewer ship of the Bishop Desmond Online featured-video-of-the-week has increased tremendously; the number of comments per episode has increased from an average of 30 comments to an average of 200 comments per episode. This indicates that the videos are now more easily accessible to our various viewers around the world. This increase was achieved as a result of continuous improvement on our Content Delivery Network which your partnership is directly responsible for.

    Duplex Video Transmission: We recently deployed a technology that allows us to link various viewing centers to the main event venue and get live event feedback from those centers to the main event venue. This has resulted in an avalanche of multiple miracles taking place at the same time and being reported during our ministry event. One of the remarkable testimonies noted from the feedback system implemented during the Day 3, Atmosphere for Miracles and Activation Impact live program was that of a young lady who was a victim of an automobile accident 8 years ago with the bone of her lower limbs completely broken into pieces. She stood up without her crutches and started walking and jumping unaided at one of the overflows. Her testimony was transmitted live via the duplex technology to the main event arena.

    Live Streaming: The Live Streaming of the Pastoral Refresher Course with the Man of God in February 2011 was streamed to all our International Church Pastors. Also, the Monthly Communion Services , which were streamed to thousands of churches all around the world via the internet and on mobile devices such as iPod, Blackberry and Android phones, have greatly helped in giving many the direction for each month. ROR on Android: Millions around the world can now read their favorite monthly devotional freshwaters on their Android phones; thank you Dear Partner, you made it possible.

    OTHERS include:

    a) Live streaming of Monthly communion services and live meetings with Bishop Desmond Ikeh

    b) Live Streaming of Night of honey banquet

    c) The Duplex Streaming,

    d) Streaming of Online Teenagers Conference

    f) Ministry books on Mobile devices and on Digital Market Places

    g) Activation impact-electronic version.

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