Much emphasis is placed on the development of the youth of this church and much is also expected of us. We are expected as youth to be our best in the presence of the LORD be of good behavior, do what is right before man and GOD. We are also to set the pace for other to follow in all that we do both in our homes and in the church, learn to address people in the right manner so that whoever you are addressing will be eager to hear from you each time you come to him/her, remember also to treat others the way you will want to be treated we should try and be godly in all that we do so that all that sees us will want to identify with us and our GOD because  people judge you by the content of you character.


 THE SKYPIONT YOUTH MINISTRY is out to motivate and empower the youth for excellence in all areas of life through highly insightful teaching and workshop such as we are going to be having soon come September this year and please note that the youth fellowship is not a service  group so as a youth you’re enjoin to be in one serving arm of the church or another as this will help better your relationship with GOD THE FATHER.


NOTE; REMEMBER to serve the LORD in the days of thy youth for night cometh when the work of thy youth shall speak up for thee. (eccl.12:1)

WHO IS A YOUTH? A youth is anybody below the age of 40 in respective of your position or status, the best time of a man’s life is his youthful days, because that is the time to map out your future and workout what you want your future should be. Because as youth all the strength we need to work out our future has been given to us by GOD. It is also very important for youths to be good planners, because that is one of the easiest ways to build our life and future.


WHAT IS PLANNING? Dictionary defines planning as the method or procedure for doing something. But in my own word I will say planning is a way of arranging thing to be done and how to go about doing them to get a better result.  There are so many things in our daily life that needs planning, for the worst thing that can happen to any man is to lack an idea of what he wants and how to get it done. Not every open door in career and business you must enter, many has rush in to such open door only to discover letter that it was a trap in disguise this is why we need to always prayer and ask God for his guidance in every and anything we do or must do. In the book of pro 14:12 and pro 16:25 it says that there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is death. The writer of the book of proverb has to repeat these words in two places which tell us to be very watchful in all. Even God our creator is a planner that is why everything he did and is still doing are all very good. The greatest problem we youth have is that of UNCERTAINTY the word uncertainty mean unable to stand your ground and make a decision, note that life without planning is nothing but continuous frustration, For  the difference between success and failure is light and not luck .This is why I took out time and picked out these  most important points for us to plan on which will helps us grow.

1). PLAN TO STUDY THE WORD GOD. Which is the Bible, don’t read the Bible when you feel like or at you convince, but to make reading the Bible a part of your daily life. The word of God is the book of wisdom where all we need to be the man or woman; we want to be can be found and all it takes to build our future is located.

2).PLAN TO PRAY, remember that our Lord Jesus told us to pray without ceasing, don’t wait for things to get rough or for trouble to come your way before you pray, Be a battle ready Christian know that prayer is one of the greatest weapon with which we overcome the devil and his wickedness. For with prayer we can live a stress free and trouble-free life so that when others are struggling to make things happen, we will be enjoying because we have long settled our case thru our endless prayer, always remember that a praying Christian is a danger Zone for the devil so pray always.

                                  DADDY’S WORDS TO THE YOUTH

Youth and family are a very important aspect of the church in God’s plan, Daddy want to use this forum bring the youth to have constant fellowship with God the FATHER and make them understand God’s divine plan for them as his children. No, that serving God in the days of your youth is the best way to no Gods ‘plan for your life, this is why I want to pick out this few points that will help you understand God better

1). How do you know you are serving God well in the days of your youth? You know when your spirit, soul, and body start to listen to the teaching of God’s word and carrying out His instructions, by acting on the things you have heard according to how God directs, for this is about doing the will of God before yours.

2).Every man believes in something both seen and unseen but there must be a spiritual confirmation showing that we serve a living God, we will also know that we serve a living God through our feeling, our doings, our looking and in our general observations with these understanding daddy advices us to be more spiritually minded our present situations and circumstances notwithstanding. For an adage say that there is hope for a living dog than for a dead lion.

QUOTE. God can do without us but we cannot do without God. Your future maybe far but destiny actualizes gives life to the soul.

Life plans are been fulfilled by the abundance of discovery we make, the principles of life we adopt but the best principle of life is to stay focus and enjoy the benefit of tomorrow

3). Youth are the strength of every growing house with these understanding every youth is to be  part and parcel of every programme holding in the church Because our Lord Jesus in his time as a youth made so many remarkable impart in the life of people both far and near so it is very important for all the youth of the church to come out in their numbers to support the upcoming programmes in the church and making it a date with God for your own testimony and heaven will confirm it

Advancement is the prayer of everyman especially the present-day youth but advancement will not come through plenty of rest you have in pleasure but with constant fellowship with GOD THE FATHER. Be Blessed in All You Do, Amen.                                                                                               YOURS FAITHFUL IN THE LORD