Partnering with the IMM gives you the opportunity to enjoy the following: “The liberal soul shall be made fat; and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”(Prov 11:25). The anointing to heal will be functional in your life. In partnering with the IMM, you are joining forces with bishop Desmond Ikeh in reaching the world for Christ with His glorious Gospel (Eccl. 4:9), and this gives you an opportunity to partake of the grace upon our man of God (Phil. 1: 3-5, 7). Special inspirational ministrations will also be sent to you regularly via email and sms. You will experience tremendous expansion in all that you do as a result of the anointing that is upon our man of God.

    Other Benefits

    • You will receive updates on upcoming Ministry events and programs.
    • You are entitled to a free copy of our monthly newsletter which is exclusive to partners of the IMM
    • You will receive first hand updates of all activities of the IMM.

    Once you register online with the IMM, you will receive a password which gives you access to other exclusive pages of the site. If you do not have Login ID, kindly create a new account here. You can also give online now by clicking here now!


    IMM is such a wonderful opportunity and a media that God has granted us in our ministry to propagate the word of God with tremendous capacity and speed. The internet age is an age in which everything has become so accessible to everyone at the same time, and we thank God for such an opportunity that God has given us by allowing us to first understanding the internet. The Internet technology is such a powerful technology to helping many all over the world to understand and get accessibility to the power of the Holy Ghost. God has given us a unique vision to take God’s divine presence to the people of the earth and to the nations of the world and the IMM is the answer to that vision. It’s the fastest way; it’s the most organized way to get that vision easily accessed.


    The Internet Multimedia Ministry has simply been phenomenal in its approach, the way it has ministered to many all around the world on a monthly basis. In our Church we participate in the communion service with our man of God on the internet, and the delivery really has been something to really commend; because picture quality is very high, sound quality is very good as well and by the virtue of having to rely on the Internet Multimedia for begin a part of the communion service with our man of God we have been richly blessed and we have testimonies just to show how the power of God can be communicated via the internet. I remember a particular meeting where bishop was ministering and we were participating via the IMM and as bishop was ministering the power of God was so present in the hall and people went under the power, just to show you that the power of God is not limited and that the internet is a very viable means of communicating the presence of God.

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